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Our Ministry

Welcome to our story of hard work and purpose, where our hearts are devoted to serving others and fostering a transformative change in Mozambique. Through orphan care, education, discipleship, healthcare, development projects, and a dedicated body of believers, we are joyfully working to raise a new generation of leaders in Mozambique.

Serving Mozambique Since 2001

In 2001 Victor Carlos started an evangelistic and discipleship ministry that led to work with orphans. In 2003 Evanjáfrica opened an orphanage housing over 50 children. Working with orphans compelled us to focus efforts on families in order to help prevent family collapse that causes so many children to need orphan care in the first place.

  • Orphan Care

  • Mentorship 

  • Schooling

  • Scholarships

  • Training

  • Development

  • Medical Center

  • Spiritual Formation

Raising Leaders

Adequate orphan and family care are not possible without attending to educational and healthcare needs, and above all, a person’s faith, sense of hope, and worldview. Instead of approaching orphans and vulnerable families as victims who need bandaids, we care for them as future leaders through education and spiritual formation.

Education and Medicine

Evanjáfrica provided scholarships for 14 of our young people to graduate from universities and teaching institutes as teachers, and in 2019 we opened a school which now has 600 students. We have also sent one student through medical school and 11 through nursing school, and we are currently fundraising to build a medical center.

Our Staff

Meet our extraordinary staff, a team driven by compassion, expertise, and ingenuity. Get to know the loving and dedicated hearts behind our mission.

Our History

Discover our journey, filled with love, resilience, and unwavering commitment. Explore the rich history that shaped our organization’s purpose.