Board of Directors


Our Board Members

Meet the Board of Directors who guide our organization with knowledge and wisdom, ensuring our mission is fulfilled with the utmost care. At Evanjáfrica we are so grateful to have highly qualified and talented people with diverse backgrounds and experiences serving behind the scenes. They generously pour their time and energy into this ministry, and their compassion, enthusiasm, hard work, ideas and advice are invaluable to our success.

Pastor Victor Carlos

Founder and Executive Director

Victor was born and raised in Nampula, Mozambique during the 16-year civil war. He became a Christian as a teenager and started doing street evangelism, which gave birth to Evanjafrica. He served with Teen Missions International and attended Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary and Holmes Bible College in the U.S. before becoming a pastor. Victor is married to Christina, from Seattle. They have three children and live in Mozambique where they run the ministry.

Nathan Decker


Nathan and his family have been involved with Evanjafrica for over a decade. Nathan attended Seattle Pacific University and lives in the Seattle area with his wife and three daughters. He got to know Victor through Christina and is thankful for an opportunity to contribute. He brings experience as a business leader, friend, and father to his role with Evanjafrica and hopes his contributions make an impact for God’s kingdom.

Kurt Biederman


Kurt has been involved with Evanjafrica for the last three years, having met Victor and Christina through another board member, Nathan Decker. Kurt attended Taylor University, met his wife there, and now lives in the Seattle area with his wife and three daughters. He subsequently attended Seattle University School of Law and brings his experience in law and finance to his role with Evanjafrica.

Ken Oswald


Ken collaborates in implementing resources and tools to further the vision of Evanjafrica. He contributes depth to the board having earned Bible and Communication degrees from Prairie Bible College and Seattle Pacific University. He has 10 years of experience in youth pastor work and participates in property ownership and management. 


Emeritus Board Members

Our Emeritus Board is made up of past board members who, along with their families, have supported Evanjáfrica since its inception and walked alongside us through the trenches and on the mountaintops for more than two decades. Our ministry would not be where it is today without them and we are so grateful for their mentorship, love, support, encouragement, commitment, patience, wise counsel, and friendship.

Michele Bryngelson

Andrew Kay

John Nichols

Rev. Don Shackelford

Rev. Mark Turner

Kathy Wall

Our Staff

Meet our extraordinary staff, a team driven by compassion, expertise, and ingenuity. Get to know the loving and dedicated hearts behind our mission.


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