Community Development


Cultivating Growth

Together we build thriving communities filled with opportunities and sustainable progress for a brighter future. Besides our school and future medical center, community development projects include well drilling and clean water distribution, help starting self-sustaining small businesses, trainings, and other projects that fulfill local needs.

Faith Based and Transformational

For communities to truly transform, families trapped in poverty and survival mode for many generations need tools to embrace new opportunities, a higher sense of purpose, and ambition for the entire community to benefit. We started churches in the places where our ministries are serving and run a variety of programs, activities, training seminars and conferences throughout the year. These activities aim to change hearts and minds so whole communities are empowered to work together for lasting change.

  • Engagement

  • Planning

  • Development

  • Education

  • Sustainability

  • Implementation

  • Church

  • Management


We organize and fund projects and programs that local people are then able to continue running and benefitting from on their own. Deep drilled wells are maintained and allow children to go to school instead of staying home to help carry water, new life skills are passed on to others, and profits from small businesses are used to grow assets.

Building a Better Tomorrow

We select projects that will serve holistic and long term needs of individuals and the community as a whole. When people experience positive changes they are able to replace fatalistic thinking with hope and are motivated to embrace responsibilities, encourage one another, and work hard to stay focused on creating a better tomorrow.


Our Calling

Evanjáfrica is an African-founded Christain ministry and no-profit organization that uses an African approach to fight spiritual and material poverty in Norther Mozambique.  Our main areas of focus are orphan care, evangelism, education, healthcare, and community development.

Success Stories

Discover the stories of transformation and triumph that inspire us to continue our mission with perseverance and hope.


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