Medical Center


Health Center

Mozambique has one of the worst doctor to population ratios in the world, and the lack of access to medical care often leads to family collapse. We are currently constructing a health center to respond to the medical needs in our community. We invite you to join in our fundraising efforts as we continue to build support for this important part of our work in Mozambique.

Preventable Deaths

Poverty, malnutrition, limited access to clean water, lack of nearby clinics, fear of hospitals, and superstitious beliefs lead to many unnecessary deaths. Some families take sick children to shamans and do not arrive at a medical clinic until children are much worse and curable conditions have become fatal. According to the World Health Organization, 5 million Mozambican children under age 5 died in 2020, mostly from treatable sicknesses such as diarrhea and malaria.

  • Emergency

  • Child Health

  • Awareness

  • Check-ups

  • Prevention

  • Counseling

  • Maternal Health

  • Holistic Approach

Family health care

Caring and compassionate staff will ensure that families feel welcome and have a positive experience to ensure they feel comfortable coming for needed medical care. Mozambique has especially high maternal and infant mortality rates, and family care will help mothers and babies get through pregnancy and infancy safely.

Child health Services

Child well-checkups and parental counseling will help guide parents in making healthy and nutritious choices for their children. Medical intervention will reduce unnecessary child suffering and treat common local illnesses before they become life-threatening. Loving medical workers will cultivate a caring atmosphere where children feel safe.


Our History

Discover our journey, filled with love, resilience, and unwavering commitment. Explore the rich history that shaped our organization’s purpose and gain insight into the inspiration behind our work.

Founders Prayer

Our founders prayer of love, hope and vision for Mozambique, Africa. This is our prayer that has established the foundation of our ministry.

Statement of Faith

Evanjáfrica’s statement of faith, rooted in God’s unconditional love, grace, and the transformative power of His redeeming presence.