Orphan Care


The Children

Our orphan ministry emerged as a response to children in our community who were left without a place to live after parents died from illness or other tragedies. We have now had the privilege of providing vulnerable kids with a safe place to live, nutritious meals, a loving church family, and rewarding opportunities in education for two decades.


Our orphanage has cared for over 100 children since 2003, providing a home and family for kids who have gone through a great deal after losing parents or suffering from other tragedies. The children live in dorms on our campus, attend our school and church, and participate in music, arts, and sports programs. Many young adults who grew up in the orphanage, including some who are now on our staff, continue to stay heavily involved in our programs and are like older brothers and sisters to the younger kids in our care. We work hard to help each child reach educational and career goals after they finish high school. Many of our kids have become teachers, while others are now nurses, lawyers, a medical doctor, accountants, chefs, mechanics, hairdressers, musicians, electricians, drivers, plumbers, brick layers, and Christian ministry workers.

  • Food

  • Clothing

  • Shelter

  • Education

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  • Support

Expansion and development

After two decades of orphan care, we have shifted our focus from rescuing children into the orphanage to preventing family collapse so that less children will need to live in an orphanage in the first place. Though we still have kids living with us full time, we have greatly expanded our outreach and education programs so that children who would have moved into the orphanage in the past are now able to stay with family members while attending our school and participating in our outreach programs. An important part of this is routine home visits and the ability to assist vulnerable families during emergencies such as natural disasters, illness, or food shortages that we have seen lead to family collapse in the past.

Childrens Outreach

In order to have a greater impact in our community and reach more children than just those living in our orphanage, we run a special program for kids whose families are in the most severe situations of poverty and at the highest risk of collapsing (which often leads to kids ultimately working as servants in other people’s homes or in orphanages). The children in our outreach program attend our school where they get nutritious breakfasts and lunches each day. We provide them with uniforms, shoes, backpacks, school supplies, and other essentials. They participate in the kids’ programs at our church and are also included in special activities for our orphanage kids throughout the year.


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