Our History


Our History

Evanjáfrica was founded by Victor Carlos, who was born and raised in Nampula, Mozambique during the 16-year civil war that devastated the country. As a child Victor watched his parents, church planters, survive numerous trips into the most dangerous areas of the country. He became a Christian while a teenager and started doing evangelism in the streets of Nampula.

The inspiration of Evanjáfrica

Victor taught himself English with a children’s book that showed simple pictures and sentences. He then became a translator and tutor. In 2000 Victor traveled to the U.S. through Teen Missions to represent Mozambique as part of an international evangelistic team. He spent 16 months preaching in churches, prisons, and schools across the U.S.

The Calling

At this time Victor felt God calling him to return to Africa. While in South Carolina he met Michele Bryngelson. Michele felt called to missions in Africa as a young girl, but life had taken her in a different direction. Twenty-five years later and with 7 children of her own, Michele and her husband began to support and encourage Victor.

The Gospel

In 2001 Victor went back to Mozambique to spread the gospel and disciple those who became believers. This gave rise to a group of young people dedicated to God’s work. Soon they were walking to nearby villages, showing the Jesus film, and giving testimonies, and Victor named the ministry Evanjáfrica.

Teaching them about Jesus

In the villages they visited, Victor and his team found many children living in terrible situations because their parents had died. He began teaching them about Jesus, feeding them at his parents’ house, and gathering donations to pay for school supplies and registration fees. But he soon found that many adults who were supposed to be sheltering these kids were taking everything they were given, practicing witchcraft with them, and forcing them to work as servants in their houses instead of going to school.

In 2003

Victor realized that the most vulnerable children actually needed a safe place to live if they were going to have any chance for a future outside of poverty and oppression. In 2003 Evanjáfrica was able to get a piece of land on the outskirts of Nampula City. Local friends from the neighborhood came together to build the first houses in the orphanage out of bamboo, mud, and tin, and soon over 50 children had moved in!

Continued Growth and Development

Victor attended Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary and Holmes Bible College. In 2007 he married the love of his life, Christina, a teacher from Seattle who shares his vision, love for God, kids, and Africa. For 15 years Victor and Christina lived in the middle of the orphanage with their three children. During this time the original mud dormitories were replaced with large, strong and spacious modern buildings that include classrooms, houses, a dining hall, a chapel, and several offices on our three-acre campus. In 2019 we opened a school which now has 600 students in grades one through twelve. We are now in the process of constructing a healthcare center. Victor and Christina continue to oversee the various areas of ministry as Evanjáfrica expands.

Orphan Care

Transforming the lives of children who have lost parents with a safe place to live, a loving church family, and rewarding opportunities in education.

Our School

Empowering Mozambican primary and secondary school students with a faith-based, quality education and boundless opportunities for growth.