Special Projects


Reshaping Landscapes

Our special projects include providing clean water to communities through well drilling and fair water distribution, construction projects for building facilities and developing infrastructure, emergency relief for natural disasters and family crises, and trainings, conferences, and seminars addressing local needs and personal development.

Construction Projects

Over the past two decades donations from our generous supporters have enabled us to build large, sturdy dormitories, classrooms, housing, offices, a dining hall, a church, bathrooms, sidewalks, security walls, and countless repairs, remodels, and traditional house construction. Local professionals along with local and overseas volunteers constructed the facilities hosting our school, orphanage, church, staff, and programs. Join us as we continue to build strong facilities for our ministry.

  • Clean Water

  • Construction Projects

  • Disaster Assistance

  • Training

  • Fund Raising

  • Outreach

  • Building

  • Emergency Relief

Well Drilling and Water Distribution

We have drilled five wells that distribute water to the community. Access to clean water can radically transform the life of a family in rural areas where women and children can spend hours a day walking to find and carry water. In the city, the dry season brings dangerous water shortages, and we have been able to provide water for those in need.

Emergency Relief

Having the ability to step in and help when unexpected suffering occurs has been an important part of our ministry. We respond to emergencies caused by natural disasters, accidents, health crises, and other tragedies when we are able. This may include helping with medical care, food, clothing, transportation, temporary housing, or counseling. 


Visitors & Volunteers

Are you interested in visiting Evanjáfrica in Mozambique or participating in our programs and projects as a volunteer? Find out more about opportunities for individuals, teams, and families.

Our History

Discover our journey, filled with love, resilience, and unwavering commitment. Explore the rich history that shaped our organization’s purpose.

About us

Welcome to our story of hard work and purpose, where our hearts are devoted to serving others and fostering a transformative change in Mozambique.