Visitors and Volunteers


Come visit us

Are you interested in experiencing a taste of life in Mozambique? Do you have experiences or skills you are willing to share? Or would you like to simply come as a visitor? Evanjáfrica offers short-term visitor and volunteer opportunities for individuals, families, and groups of all ages who are interested in our projects, programs, and ministry.

Opportunities to serve

Come share your experiences and expertise and learn from local Mozambican ingenuity and creativity. Let’s work together! English, education, healthcare, and spiritual formation are important areas where volunteers can contribute. Sports camps and Vacation Bible School are fun ways to connect with kids, and visitors bring extra energy that is meaningful to everyone. Volunteers can also help with construction projects or teach a needed skill. Reach out if you have an area of expertise that fits a local need!

  • English

  • Sports

  • Healthcare

  • Vacation Bible School

  • Construction

  • Education

  • Spiritual Formation

  • IT

Your Presence is Important

Our community is honored to host visitors interested in meeting them, learning about local culture, participating in our activities, and engaging in cross-cultural exchanges. Your presence gives both us and you an opportunity to learn new perspectives and gain inspiration and encouragement from the work God is doing in Mozambique and abroad.

  • Listen

  • Learn

  • Share

  • Teach

  • Embrace

  • Build

  • Grow

  • Initiate

Contact us

Questions? Or would you like to contact us? Visit our contact page for details on reaching out and connecting with our team.

Founders Prayer

Our founders prayer of love, hope and vsion for Mozambique, Africa. This is our prayer that has established the foundation of our ministry.