What we do


Our Approach

We use an African approach to fight spiritual and material poverty by working together to build up the whole community through orphan care, evangelism, discipleship, education, healthcare, and development projects.


Orphan Care






Medical Center



Fostering Growth

Our programs aim for long term growth, transformation, and sustainability. Children in our orphanage, school, and kids’ programs are engaged in opportunities to explore their gifts and talents, gain exposure to mentors in higher education and various careers, and develop their faith throughout their time with us. We offer scholarships and support to help young people get through trade school and university programs that fit their gifts and local needs, and we engage the community in sustainable development projects.

  • Reshaping

  • Transforming

  • Developing

  • Building

  • Educating

  • Protecting

  • Loving

  • ministering

Lighting the way

The church is at the center of our ministry and provides a place for the children, youth, adults, and families involved in our programs to come together to build their faith, worship God, serve one another, support each other through life’s struggles, and celebrate victories together as a family. 

Healing Hearts

Our church, praise and worship team, faith building activities, and caring staff help children and adults find respite and healing from life’s hardships. We work hard to cultivate an atmosphere that is safe, nurturing, spiritually inspiring, and intellectually stimulating as we emphasize cultivating character and values that lead to healing and growth.

Orphan Care

Transforming the lives of children who have lost parents with a safe place to live, a loving church family, and rewarding opportunities in education. 

Our School

Empowering Mozambican primary and secondary school students with a faith-based, quality education and boundless opportunities for growth.

Medical Center

Help fund the building of our upcoming medical center. Embrace a world of compassionate care where healing hands and loving hearts restore hope.

Community Development

Together we build thriving communities filled with opportunities and sustainable progress for a brighter future.